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Sweet And Wild CD

Sweet And Wild CD

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Order Jewel's new album, 'Sweet And Wild', which album features 11 new studio tracks, including the hit single "Stay Here Forever."


1. No Good In Goodbye

“A rocking little country song, with a Dylan style internal rhyme scheme.”

2. I Love You Forever

“A pop leaning toe-tapper that has a great story lyric about being close to those we love, even when away.”

3. Fading

“[This one] is my favorite. A song I wrote a long time ago about leaving the ranch and feeling overwhelmed in the cities, traveling all the time and on the road. I'm so glad this has finally made the album. It's definitely in the ‘wild’ category.”

4. What You Are

“It’s mid tempo, and has a "sweet" lyric. I posted a blog of this song after I had just written it. It has a message that reminds me of "Hands," and it is a topic I really am passionate about. We can relax, because we are already good enough...”

5. Bad As It Gets

“This is a ballad that rocks. It's the only outside song on the album. It was written by a friend of mine and I chose it because it was vocally challenging. I meant to get around to writing one that pushed me as a singer, as I have always sung better live, and have tended to write wordier songs, rather than ones that showed my singing off. It was a goal of mine to really sing better on this record than on any I had done. This song is well written, and is a great showcase for some singing, and I want to thank the writers.”

6. Summer Home In Your Arms

“This is an older song and falls in my Pieces Of You category. It's my little brand of folksy, country hard-to-define genre. It has whimsical lyrics, and has a shuffle similar to "You Were Meant For Me." For those hardcores who know this song from bootlegs - it is different. I changed it from waltz time to 4/4, I created a chorus hook by changing chords, and I wrote a sweet bridge (I borrowed some lyric theme from the song I wrote with Joe Firstman, for those keeping track of how I cannibalize my own material) I added steel drum to this song, as it has a breezy quality that works perfectly with an island drum.”

7. Stay Here Forever

“My lead single, and thanks to you guys the video is a big hit on CMT and GAC. As you know, you calling stations and voting online helps me get my quirky brand of music through - so thanks!”

8. No More Heartaches

“I wrote this a while ago, and am glad it's finally getting a spot. It's sure enough a country song, but has an aggressively articulate blunt yet poetic take on the classic ‘I'm leaving your no good ass’ theme. The first line is ‘shut up, sweetheart, there's something I need you to hear: I can no longer love the same thing I fear.’ “

9. One True Thing

“This is a rocker. [The] theme is finding someone you can believe in and hanging on. We did a cool treatment in the first chorus, where instead of building into an even bigger chorus, we do the opposite and drop everything out except acoustic guitar and my voice. It creates a dramatic and unexpected effect.”

10. Ten

“This is one of my favorite story lyrics. I wrote it after Ty and I got in a big fight one day. I was so mad; I had to count to ten before I totally lost it. Love is a peculiar thing - it can inspire the best and the worst feeling because we let someone in so close to us. But the reward is so great too, that always keeping that perspective is key, no matter how intense a fleeting fight can be. I wrote this song as a sort of ‘count to ten’ experience that can help ease you out of bad feelings, and even remind you to be thankful for their best qualities too. I like the opening line ‘whoever said love is easy, must have never been in love’ - I think everyone can relate!”

11. Satisfied

“Hands down my favorite message on the album. This is up there with "Hands" and "Life Uncommon" for me. I really believe we don't always know what it takes to be happy and satisfied. Sometimes it's simpler than we know: finding those you love and letting them know you do. To me that is the definition of the word. My favorite spot is the bridge ‘horses are built to run, the sun was meant to shine above, flowers were made to bloom, and then there's us - we were born to love.’ “